Step by Step #2

And she said… “Duck Egg Blue & Old White! Please! With a little gilding wax to add some flare.” LOL


Step 3: Painting

So that’s what I decided to do to this piece, paint the majority of the piece Duck Egg Blue with the detail work, Old White. Add some clear/dark wax, distress just a little, then just a touch of gilding wax to the handles for some finishing touches.


When painting on the Duck Egg Blue, I used quick strokes to allow some of the underlying dark wood to show through. I used my Annie Sloan medium sized paint brush to paint on the Duck Egg Blue. Next, I applied the Old White to the beautiful detail work with a small Artisan Enhancements detail brush.


I wanted to make the piece look as though it had aged naturally over time, not as if I had just painted it that way. I believe there is a definite distinction between having a piece that “looks painted” and one that looks like it has “always been that way”. I think that this technique and skill comes with practice over time. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t achieve this look on your first few attempts.

A good tip is to periodically take a step back and look at your piece to see if your achieving the look your going for. You will begin to become more familiar with your style and look as you practice, practice, practice.

Step 4: Waxing

Many people are scared of waxing. Some because they have heard horror stories from their friends, others because they weren’t instructed on how to wax properly or didn’t do their homework and had a bad personal experience. Waxing is not really difficult; like anything else, just takes practice.

I typically mix my clear and dark wax to the consistency/color that I need for the look that I am trying to achieve. This eliminates a step allowing me to save time. “SCORE!!” My time is very valuable, so anytime that I can shorten the process or eliminate steps without sacrificing the integrity of the piece, I’m in!!!

I used the small Annie Sloan wax brush to apply my mix of Annie Sloan clear and dark wax to the piece working it in to the paint all over. Some prefer to use a cloth to apply the wax, but again, I find using a cloth tedious and very time consuming… The wax brush (and I ONLY use the Annie Sloan wax brush) is the way to go!!! Did I say that I ONLY use the Annie Sloan Wax Brush?!?!?!?! LOL I typically work in small sections working side to side, up and down, then gently wipe excess away with an old t-shirt or lint free rag. Do this process all over the piece, periodically stepping back to take a look to ensure that I am consistently applying the wax in an even manner. (Sometimes I get “wax happy” and my piece gets darker as I work :())


This blog is getting rather lengthy so I’m going to break here and continue on Monday to finish up our piece. I apologize for taking so long to complete this piece, but life calls. See you soon!




Step by Step

And I respond back with, “I have to wait for it to speak to me.”

So my customers come to the shop sometimes to watch me paint or “talk paint” while I’m painting or working on projects. But for those that aren’t able to come and “talk paint” or sit and chat, I’m going to attempt to walk you through some pieces that I’ve completed or will be completing in the shop. So here goes…

Starting the Transformation Process:

This gem came to me by way of a customer who wanted a different look, and no longer had room for this piece and of course (if you know me), I quickly said “I’ll take it!!!”


I mean, look at that detail! This piece was well taken care of; the finish was rough and beginning to bubble in places; but overall in pretty good condition.

Step 1 – Cleaning

Our first step was to clean this piece really well with a cleaner called Krud Kutter. I sell this in the shop but you can get this product at most home improvement stores. It’s great for removing “crud”, grease, and other buildup. A great product for cabinets too!

Step 2 – Deciding what to do with your piece

Sometimes this can be the most difficult step of all. There are so many choices!! Which color do I choose or should I use multiple colors? Do I distress or don’t distress? Stain or wash? Dark wax or no dark wax? And the choices go on and on and on and on!! Anytime a piece comes into the shop or someone wants me to paint pieces for them, they immediately ask, “What color are you going to paint it?” And I respond back with, “I have to wait for it to speak to me.” Then they look at me like I’m joking or CRAZY unless they are an artist or someone with the same crazy love of furniture and design that I possess. Lol. Of course I’m not the furniture whisperer, but I do believe each piece has it’s own look, design, and purpose. I try to think about the time period of the piece, the texture of the wood or original finish, and who it might or will belong to. I’m so ready to hear what this gem has to say to me…

Stay tuned!



Good Day All,

As Spring approaches, I pray this post finds you all in good health and in good spirits &#X1f60a! We have so many new and exciting things happening at both our Corinth, MS and Jackson, TN Rowan House locations!!!! I feel that by the end of this post you may all be google-eyed and running for the door to visit us! LOL!

At our Corinth location, we have had a tremendous response to our Bridal Registry.  We are simply elated to be part of so many lives! We have also added a new line of Lakeside collegiate pottery and are looking forward to adding to this collection and enhancing our pottery line.

At our Jackson location, we have added a complete line of Lakeside pottery! Yay!!! This pottery is simply stunning!! Thank you Charlotte for your wonderful work!

You will also notice our paint line has expanded; Artisan Enhancements&#X02122, is a brand your going to be tickled pink about. This line was designed by a fellow Annie Sloan stockist to work specifically with Annie Sloan products. Artisan Enhancements&#X02122 is amazing and we are so excited to be adding it to our repertoire. This will be intermingled into our classes and “your going to love it!”

Please see March-April 2016 workshop schedule

Love to you all!!

Emily & the girls @ Rowan House

Welcome to our site!

We are so pleased that you chose to visit Rowan House! At Rowan House we strive to make our customers feel like family. This site is devoted to helping our customers have the best experience possible when they are unable to visit our store.

Here you will find that all our couples that are registered with Rowan House are located here along with the items that they have selectively chosen. Our couples have chosen Rowan House because we offer that little something extra when it comes to uniqueness and style. We are so excited that so many of our couples like our look and we strive to keep our products unique and interesting, yet classic. Knowing they will enjoy our products for years to come.

At Rowan House, we offer bedding, linens for all areas of the home, lighting, home decor, Chalk Paint®by Annie Sloan, pottery, and so much more.

Please feel free to browse our site to see all that Rowan House has to offer!